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Strengthening Cybersecurity with a Nearshore Team.

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Client Background Verato

Client Background

Verato is a leading Healtech company specializing in advanced healthcare data management and patient identity resolution solutions. Their platform plays a crucial role in securely storing and managing sensitive healthcare information.

Challenge Verato

The Challenge

Verato faced a significant challenge concerning the cybersecurity of their platform. They recognized the need to enhance their security measures to protect patient data and maintain compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, they sought a cost-effective solution to address this challenge without compromising quality.

Our Solution

Number 1

Building a Nearshore Team
We quickly assembled a team of skilled cybersecurity professionals in Mexico, leveraging the available talent pool in the region. This nearshore team possessed the necessary expertise and experience to tackle Verato's security challenges effectively.

Number 2

Rapid Staffing Process
Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we expedited the staffing process and successfully onboarded the nearshore team within a period of 45 days. This accelerated timeline allowed Verato to address their cybersecurity concerns promptly and minimize any potential vulnerabilities.

Number 3

Cost Savings
By opting for a nearshore team in Mexico, Verato achieved significant cost savings compared to staffing a fully US-based team. The lower labor costs in Mexico enabled Verato to allocate their budget more efficiently while maintaining the same level of expertise and quality.

The Impact

Verato Outcomes

The implementation of our solution resulted in notable outcomes for Verato:

1. Enhanced Cybersecurity: The nearshore team in Mexico worked diligently to strengthen the cybersecurity of Verato's platform. By implementing robust security measures, conducting thorough vulnerability assessments, and implementing best practices, the platform's overall security posture was significantly improved. This, in turn, enhanced data protection and reduced the risk of security breaches.

2. Increased User Acquisition: As Verato's platform gained a reputation for its strengthened cybersecurity measures, the company experienced an increase in user acquisition. Healthcare organizations and patients recognized Verato's commitment to protecting sensitive data, instilling confidence and trust in the platform's capabilities.

3. Cost-Effective Solution: By opting for a nearshore team in Mexico, Verato achieved considerable cost savings. They were able to invest their resources strategically, allocating funds to other critical areas of the business while still maintaining a high level of cybersecurity expertise and support.


Through our collaboration with Verato, we successfully addressed their cybersecurity challenge by building a dedicated nearshore team in Mexico. The nearshore team's expertise and efficient onboarding process allowed Verato to enhance their platform's cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of patient data and compliance with regulatory standards. As a result, Verato experienced increased user acquisition and achieved cost savings, positioning them as a trusted Healtech company with a strong focus on data security.

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