Sprint Zero

From sharing your idea, to consultation, to implementation.

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Sprint Zero

From sharing your idea, to consultation, to implementation.

Our Sprint 0 service is designed to elaborate the architecture and roadmap of your idea and eventually turned into a functional and viable product. In other words, this is the pre-work needed before starting to code.

Number 1

Elaborate the
product backlog

Timeline: 24 hours
Top-notch Professionals
Seamless Integration
Number 2

Design Sketching (UI Mockup)

Timeline: 2-4 weeks
Number 3

Setting up the architecture

Timeline: 168 hours
Efficient Recruitment Process
Flexible Engagement Models
Number 4

Assign roles and responsibilities

Number 5

Time and materials estimation (Roadmap)

Timeline: 2-4 weeks
Quality Assurance

Why is it important?

- Analyze and identify the minimal viable features.

- Visualize how the user interface will be designed.

- Break down the idea into MVP, Post MVP, etc.

- Understand the product development timeline to build and launch.

- Get a sense of the cost of each phase

Some of our trusted clients

VeratoSperidian TechnologiesDuroPhairify


Verato company
Quotation Marks

"It has been easy to work with NTD, the process for vetting candidates is quick and effective."

Paige Cox
Head of Human Resources
Duro company
Quotation Marks

"We managed to scale a team of fullstack JS developers in Mexico quickly and without losing quality."

Jon Thompson
Head of Operations
Speridian Technologies Company
Quotation Marks

"NTD augmented Speridian staff capabilities, and with their hiring structure, we have managed to enter the nearshoring industry"

Linesh Pillai
Director of Accounts

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