Bring Your
Buddy (BYB)

The goal is to motivate and encourage our internal employees or anyone who wants to participate in the program to drive their friends and colleagues to join NTD Software.


$10,000.00 MXN free of taxes per every referral that gets hired (Check the rules section for more details).


1. The BYB bonus will be valid only if your referral gets onboarded into the company.

2. You must have worked previously with your friend or have received a recommendation for his work from someone you know.

3. BYB bonus will be paid 30 days after the start date of your referral.

How to do it

Flexible Engagement Models

1. Check the project's requirements & details.
They will be posted on Slack (#bring-your-buddy) and in the company careers section.

2. Ping your network of friends & colleagues.
Tell your friends and network about NTD’s job opportunities.

3. Send a slack/email to our recruitment team. Include your friend's CV and tell us why he/she a fit.

4. Collect your rewards!
If your friend gets selected & onboarded, you start collecting your BYB 10K bonus.


Make sure you cover these points so your referral can be viewed as valid. 

- Your friend must be interested in the position and project they are being referred to. They must know the project and position details.

- You need to share their CV (updated and in English) with the hiring team, a summary of their experience, and some pointers on why you think they are a good fit.

- You must have worked previously with your friend, or have received a recommendation about their work from someone you know.

Send us your referral and start collecting your rewards!