Distrito La Perla

April 15, 2023

Mexico´s Silicon Valley

For over a decade Jalisco has been hosting IT professionals, offering to corporations the best talent in most of the technologies existing in the market. Due to its strategic advantages in location, infrastructure, culture, and skills bucket availability the region has been nicknamed Mexico´s Silicon Valley. An ambitious project has born in Guadalajara named “Distrito la Perla.”

The principal purpose is to attract it Start-UPs from companies dedicated to the development of software to artificial inteligence and have them established in the city.

What we offer?

The main technologies in which the Start-Ups are focusing their products/delivery are Javascript, Python, QA Automation, and many more software and product development skills. Guadalajara´s infrastructure offers advanced technology centers, integrated IT services Parks such as “Creative Digital City” and is the host for the last 4 years of the worldwide known “Campus Party” which is persuading many talent from all Mexico to relocate; also another fact is that the city offers professional and personal advantages in terms of jobs and great quality of life.

The center of technology in LATAM

Some proofs that Guadalajara is becoming the center of technology in LATAM are that more than 70 technology companies have been established in Guadalajara like Oracle and Intel among many others.

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