Remote Work in Mexico after COVID-19

October 14, 2021

I have been around the technology industry for almost a decade now, and before the pandemic, I remember how remote work was almost impossible to ask in an organization as it was considered that if you did not work from the office you were not going to be able to perform your duties.

Covid-19 was the hugest factor for making Mexican technology entrepreneurs change their mindset on how and where can employees work, as before the pandemic going to the office was almost 100% mandatory in all companies.

After working for more or less 5 years remotely I have identified that many technology companies have aimed to reduce costs, augment productivity, acquire and retain talent which has forced company owners and decision-makers to pivot their business strategy and begin to shadow and mimic the remote working style that silicon valley startups and big corporations have been implemented before the COVID-19 virus spread all around the world.

My opinion is that now Mexico (at least in the technology industry) has put in motion the remote-friendly policy out to their employees and some statistics from a LinkedIn poll we recently did shows that 56% of employees prefer to work from home with only 2% opting to still go to the office.

From my perspective, people thrive depending on their working style and how you assembly a team depending on their personality, regarding location people can work from beach towns to big cities, several locations in Mexico offer everything that digital nomads need to live and work remotely.