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Transforming Phairify's Physician-Hospital Connection Platform

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Phairify Client Background

Client Background

Our project centered around Phairify, a key player in connecting physicians with leading USA hospitals.

Phairify Challenge

The Challenge

Phairify faced the imperative of reactivating deactivated modules and updating various platform components. Additionally, a significant overhaul of the web page's user interface was necessary.

Our Solution

Number 1

Our solution
We meticulously planned and executed the development of critical features. Numerous deployments were conducted across both development and production environments to ensure seamless integration.

Number 2

Building a Nearshore Team
In response to the challenge, we swiftly assembled a high-caliber Fullstack Development team proficient in PHP and JavaScript.

Number 3

Rapid Staffing Process
Acknowledging the urgency of the project, originally estimated at 6 to 8 months, we successfully delivered results in just 5 months.

Number 4

Cost Savings
Our efficient approach led to cost savings, optimizing resource allocation.

The Impact


Our solution had a profoundly positive impact, enabling Phairify to present a fully realized solution to their partners and customers, unlocking new business opportunities.

The implementation of our solution yielded substantial benefits for Phairify, marking a significant milestone in their journey.


Collaborating with Phairify was an immensely rewarding experience, with a multitude of objectives successfully met, especially in enhancing relationships with the client's partners.

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