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Digitizing Microloans with Automated Credit Scoring.

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Client background Monisi

Client Background

Monisi is a FinTech company operating in the microloan sector, offering automated credit scoring services. Their goal is to provide accessible and efficient microloans to individuals and small businesses.

Challenge on Monisi

The Challenge

Monisi faced a significant challenge due to limited fintech experience and a lack of in-house software development capabilities. They needed to overcome these hurdles to transition from traditional operations to a digital platform.

Our Solution

Number 1

Brand-New Platform Creation
Working closely with Monisi's team, we developed a brand-new platform using the Java, PHP, React, and MongoDB technology stack. This platform formed the foundation for automating their credit scoring system and enabling efficient microloan management.

Number 2

UX/UI Design
We designed an intuitive and user-friendly UX/UI for Monisi's platform. Our team conducted user research and implemented best practices to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience. The design focused on simplifying the loan application process and enhancing transparency for borrowers.

Number 3

Landing Page Design
To create a strong digital presence and attract potential borrowers, we designed a captivating landing page. The landing page effectively communicated Monisi's value proposition, highlighting the benefits of their microloan services.

Number 4

Solid Front-End Structure
Recognizing the importance of a robust and scalable front-end structure, we implemented a solid architecture that facilitated smooth user interactions and efficient data management. This structure enabled Monisi to adapt and scale their platform as their business grew.

Number 5

Maintenance and Continuous Improvement
Our support extended beyond the initial development phase to provide ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement. We collaborated with Monisi to address bug fixes, implement feature enhancements, and optimize performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Impact

Outcomes Monisi

Through our collaboration with Monisi, we helped them achieve significant outcomes:

1. Digital Migration: Monisi successfully migrated their business from traditional operations to a digital platform. This transformation allowed them to streamline loan processes, reduce operational costs, and provide faster and more convenient microloan services to their customers.

2. Enhanced Efficiency: With the automated credit scoring system in place, Monisi significantly improved their loan approval and disbursement process. The system's accuracy and efficiency enabled them to make informed lending decisions and reduce the time required to evaluate loan applications.

3. Increased Reach: The digital platform expanded Monisi's reach and accessibility, enabling them to serve a broader customer base. Borrowers could conveniently access loan services online, eliminating the need for physical visits or paperwork.


Working closely with Monisi over a period of three years, we successfully assisted in their digital transformation journey. Through the creation of a brand-new platform, UX/UI design, landing page development, solid front-end structure, and long-term support, we helped Monisi migrate their microloan business from traditional operations to a digital platform. The partnership resulted in improved efficiency, increased reach, and positioned Monisi as a leader in the FinTech industry, providing accessible microloans with an automated credit scoring system.

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