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Accelerating Web Application Launch for Distributed Hardware Teams.

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Duro Case Study
Client Background Duro

Client Background

Durolabs is a pioneering company dedicated to creating a cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform for distributed hardware teams. Their mission is to establish a global hub for hardware data management and commerce.

Solve Challenges Duro

The Challenge

Durolabs faced a critical challenge in launching new web applications within their main core web app. They needed to overcome various obstacles to ensure a successful and timely launch.

Our Solution

Duro Project
Number 1

Re-adapting Job Requirements
Recognizing the limited accessibility to certain skill sets within the talent pool, we worked closely with Durolabs to re-evaluate and modify their job requirements. This adjustment ensured that they could leverage the available talent pool effectively and identify candidates with the skills necessary to meet their project goals.

Number 2

Nearshore Fullstack Development
To enhance the software development velocity and capitalize on cost advantages, we recommended building a nearshore team of dedicated senior-level developers. This team would possess the required technical expertise and collaborate seamlessly with Durolabs' in-house teams. The nearshore approach allowed for effective communication, efficient collaboration, and faster development cycles.

Number 3

Mitigation of Attrition
To mitigate the risks associated with attrition and ensure team stability, we implemented stakeholder management techniques involving project managers (PM) and human resources (HR). By proactively addressing the needs and concerns of team members, we fostered a positive work environment and enhanced team retention.

The Impact

Outcomes Duro

By implementing our tailored solution, Durolabs achieved the following outcomes:

1. Web Application Launch: The launch of the new web applications within the main core web app was successfully completed. This allowed Durolabs to expand their product offerings and cater to the evolving needs of their target audience.

2. Accelerated Development Velocity: The dedicated team of senior-level developers augmented Durolabs' software development velocity significantly. With their expertise and commitment, they delivered high-quality code and accelerated the development process, ensuring timely releases and reduced time-to-market.

3. Improved Team Stability: Through effective PM and HR stakeholder management, attrition was mitigated, resulting in enhanced team stability. This allowed for consistent progress, minimized disruptions, and maintained project momentum.


Working closely with Durolabs, we provided a tailored solution to overcome their challenges in launching new web applications. By re-adapting job requirements, implementing a nearshore fullstack development approach, and employing effective stakeholder management, we successfully facilitated the launch and accelerated their software development velocity. The partnership with Durolabs resulted in tangible outcomes, positioning them as a leading provider in the cloud PLM space for distributed hardware teams.

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